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AdCatPlus Demo

Are you a Publisher or you just have a corporate website? AdCastPlus is the answer to all your web marketing and online advertising needs.

AdCastPlus is the Ad solution, developed by KlausTech Inc, that allows you to increase premium ad inventory always above the fold without need of:

  • increase page impressions or traffic.
  • covering/occupying valuable content areas.

If you are a site owner become a publisher and start earning money with your website! Join the AdCastPlus demo and see what AdCastPlus could do for you!

Simply type the website address you want to use for your demo and select the features that you want to display.

Maximize Returns

  • Innovative technology
  • More Inventory Premium without need to increase PV
  • Revenue from user’s time spent online
  • GRP’s accountability
  • Users favorability due video spot
  • Brand Awareness and Adv Effectiveness (+ ROI + CTR)
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