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  • Patent Num. 6,128,651

    October 3, 2000
    A non-scrolling ad display is lodged in a website to cause browsers hitting the website to undertake centrally controlled and recorded ad display for guaranteed minimum timed intervals. The system enables precise controlled advertising to each web page viewing browser and accurate advertising budgeting and programming which can be monitored and upgraded to meet marketing needs. The components participating in the system include a website at a webserver for transmitting a page with code for installing a non-scrolling ad frame. Ad content for the non-scrolling ad frame each have individual timers for timing out commencing with display at the browser and an Internet address for fetching by the browser. A central controller with a firewall protected data base directs non-scrolling frame set up in the browser; generates, dispenses and interrogates for unique browser identifiers; maintains records associated with the unique browser identifiers indicating ads displayed and ads available for display; and, finally dispatches to inquiring browsers ad content addresses. The data base provides an audit trail from which websites can be compensated for ad display and advertisers billed for the ad display. Finally, an inquiring browser has the non-scrolling frame set up on the browser, ad content displayed within the browser for a sufficient time interval to timeout the timer, report to the central controller of the display, and retrieval of the address of the next ad content for display.
  • Patent Num. 6,161,127

    December 12, 2000
    A central system controller prepares a list of ads to be played, this list being prepared from an "ad played" database maintained at the system controller. This "to be played list" includes ad identity and an ad Internet address. This "to be played list" is first computed and thereafter lodged in the central system controller at peripheral websevers for distribution to browsers. When a browser hits a client website, it is diverted to the system controller at one of the peripheral webservers. The system controller forwards a non-scrolling ad frame set, the "to be played list" of ads to be shown within the non-scrolling frame set, a unique cookie identifier having intervals for recording the identity of ads played together with the day and time of play and processing logic. Once the "to be played list" is installed at the browser, the processing logic compares the "to be played list" at the browser against the record of ads played in the browser cookie. Ads are then played in sequence from the browser in accordance with the "to be played list" with already played ads being eliminated from play by the browser. As each ad is played and timed out, report is made to the system controller at the peripheral webservers. The peripheral webservers batch and periodically forward to the central processor of the system controller the record of ads played. This enables periodic computation and distribution of updated "to be played lists" as well as periodic billing for ads displayed.
  • Patent Num. 6,584,492

    June 24, 2003
    A process of banner advertising display on an inquiring browser viewing a website over the Internet includes inquiring from the inquiring browser to a website authorizing display of banner advertising. Diversion from the website to an advertising system central controller occurs. The inquiring browser is supplied with code to enable sorting of a group of Internet ad addresses relative to the classification information related to the frequency of desired ad play. Sorting the Internet ad addresses relative to the classification information related to the frequency of desired ad play of each ad at the inquiring browser to form a sequential play list occurs at the browser. A process for accumulating the reports of ad play utilizing query strings is set forth in which the query strings are serially recorded, occasionally polled, and compiled into advertising system central controller in compatible reports. The concept of classification of the websites with corresponding group classification of ads to be run is used to edit ad availability from an extraordinarily large number of available ads to a manageable play list which can be sorted at the browser. Finally, a system of ordering the play of ads in the overall process of playing many ads against targeted numbers of ad plays is disclosed enabling total ad play to be centrally controlled with minimal computational burden on the advertising system central controller.
Patent Number Title Date of Patent
6,128,651 Internet Advertising with Controlled and Timed Display of Ad Content from Centralized System Controller October 3, 2000
6,161,127 Internet Advertising with Controlled and Timed Display of Ad Content from Browser December 12, 2000
6,584,492 Internet Banner Advertising Process and Apparatus Having Scalability June 24, 2003